Survey results: 80% social entrepreneurs expect a good 2010

Survey results: 80% social entrepreneurs expect a good 2010

the future seems quite bright

The world may be in a global recession but social entrepreneurs are leading the way in positive thinking. I-genius polled its members in over 90 countries and found that 79% were confident that 2010 will be a successful year for them and a despite the economic downturn, a staggering 82% felt more confident about the future than they did a year ago.

When asked how they currently feel about themselves and their work, 40% said they were ‘happy’, 69% said ‘excited.’ Despite these positive responses, some continued to feel ‘worried’ (14%) about the future.

i-genius polled its members in order to help shape its future plans which included a new social network site and to gain feedback on its new i-genius Academy which provides training for business start-ups. Over 70% want to connect with likeminded people and 67% feel the need to boost their skills and knowledge. Developing skills in marketing and assistance in producing business plans proved to be most popular courses from a choice of eight on offer.

And, the most popular destination for the 2nd i-genius World Summit? Barcelona came out top, narrowly ahead of Italy (various locations), Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul and Cape Town. The first i-genius World Summit in 2008 was held in Thailand. Planning for the 2nd World Summit is due to begin shortly.

Bookings for i-genius Academy courses close on Wednesday 27th January


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