Swedish Innovation Strategy

Swedish Innovation Strategy

meeting societal challenges

Sweden has recently published their innovation strategy. The purpose of this strategy is to contribute to an innovation climate with the best possible conditions for innovation in Sweden aiming at 2020. It identifies challenging areas which the strategy should address like:

  • Job creation and global competitiveness
  • Societal challenges (i.e. climate change, health care and poverty)
  • Demographic challenges

In this context innovation and social innovation cannot be seen in isolation. This is why the government has devoted a sub-target to social innovation: Using the potential in social innovation and social entrepreneurship to contribute in meeting societal challenges.

In the few pages, they understand the need of combining social innovation with social entrepreneurship and social finance. However, it appears that there is no clarity about social innovation and where and how it can be applied. Therefore, the government has stated that they need to increase the knowledge in how social innovation and social entrepreneurship can contribute to meeting societal challenges on a global, national, regional, and local level. Why not download and read the publication… Click here!


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