The Clapton Arts Trust is Calling!

The Clapton Arts Trust is Calling!

in need of expertise, a champion, and funding

Would you like to help form the permanent new Cultural Centre and Clapton Arts Trust? Hmmm, yes-no? Well, just carry on reading to learn more about this cool new initiative being led by i-genius member, David White!

The vision:
a new arts, crafts & bespoke manufacturing centre open to the public with painting, sculpture and craft classes, and workshops hosted by both resident and visiting professional practising artists. There is a ready-made core of art galleries artists and craftsmen in the complex with enough room for even more workshops and classrooms. The Tram Depot site is in fact in several buildings set in a “U” shape over half a hectare with workshops, studios, galleries and warehouses. The centre, which was built as a horse drawn tram depot late last century, the first building in 1876 and was built to last. However it is need of refurbishment and some convertion.

i-genius: So what do you need David?
David: ‘We need expertise, a champion, and funding. This is a chance to be at the birth of something new and innovative which will be a legacy for Clapton and Hackney for years to come – be in at the founders of this Cultural Hub! Help us make it a reality!’

This initiative is already supported by councillors Linda Kelly, Ian Rathbone and Deniz Oguzkanli as well as Diane Abbott MP, the Hackney Society and the Victorian Society. If you want to show your support then sign the petition:


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