The gym, or not the gym?

The gym, or not the gym?

excercise and return to nature

It’s that time of the year again! The turkey, mince pies and all other sorts of foods and drinks has been devoured during the festive period, but now a New Year has started, a new you is being born, but a few extra pounds just won’t do to add to your resolutions for the year ahead. So what do you do? Join a sweaty gym? Or go for the fresh outdoor exercise experience?

Physical activity in Europe has dropped considerably over the past 50 years, even walking and cycling is in decline. So what of the gym? energy zapping equipments, air-conditioning, televisions, music, vending machines, laundering of towels, and the fact that a high percentage of gym-goers attend gyms by means of public or private transportation.

British Military Fitness (, the UK’s leading outdoor fitness provider, offers a programme of nationwide classes in parks, and on heaths and common lands, in the shape of its Gym Intervention programme. A good boost for mental and physical well being one could imagine.

In addition, the Green Gym programme from conservation volunteers BTCV has an emphasis on biodiversity management – fewer star jumps and more tree felling. Research points to positive outcomes from the group nature of Green Gyms in addition to a good promotion of green and social togetherness.

Guess you could say the outdoors is one big free gym!

Happy New 2010!



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