Warriors Without Weapons

Warriors Without Weapons

picture yourself helping to change the world

On the warrior’s path, it is up to you to discern which threads have been woven by divine hands, and which have been woven by human hands. When you begin to discern the difference, you become a Txucarramãe — a warrior without weapons (Kaká Werá Jecupé).

The Warriors Without Weapons programme is attracting youth from countries worldwide, who are all willing to roll-up their sleeves with a local Brazilian community to develop and implement a project that satisfies a real need in the community, while taking time out to enjoy the Rio Carnival, naturally.

Each participant on the programme will gain first-hand experience in proposing and developing social and environmental projects, which it is hoped, they will then go on to apply this learning in their cities, regions, and countries.

So, if you can picture yourself in the colourful and vibrant Santos, Brazil from 5th January to 5th February 2008, but more importantly if you can picture yourself helping to change the world with a hands-on sustainable project, then this programme is for you.

Application deadline: August 15th 2008



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