Youth Business Centre for at-risk youth

Youth Business Centre for at-risk youth

based in Toronto, Canada

The innovative Youth Business Centre is open to ‘at-risk’ youth in Toronto who have created a viable business idea but need help getting it off the ground. It is commonly known that most youth who find themselves in conflict with the law or are considered at risk of being long-term unemployed see very few personal options in their lives for success. Youth Business Centre is structured to assist these young people to see how, “today’s behaviour affects tomorrow’s possibilities”.

Toronto’s labour market seems to be slowly picking up, with one crucial exception – young people. Youth tend to be the hardest hit when a recession strikes, and last to recover. Not only are the careers of young people at stake but also their well being. Youth who are not working or in education without an income are more likely to become involved in illegal street activity. Youth Business Centre gives youth access to opportunities to start their own business and take charge of their lives.

Starting your own business can be difficult ay any age. For young people it can seem impossible. They often lack the financial resources, experience and contacts necessary to launch a new business idea. YES’ Youth Business Centre provides youth, ages 15- 30, with individualized business skills training programs, mentorship opportunities, links to start-up lending sources and an open concept incubator- (office space with shared access to computers, WIFI).

By enabling and empowering at-risk youth to see a future for themselves, Youth Business Centre aims to give young people an understanding there is a place for them in society and in the community.

The Youth Business Centre is hosted by Youth Employment Services (YES).


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