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It’s all Pearls with Cocoshima

Country: Website: http://cocoshima.com

i-genius: What is Cocoshima Co., Ltd?
Izumi Tsuda: Cocoshima means the Island of CO. Our key focus is Connection (with various people), Community (for your business), Coordination (by our design).

i-genius: How did you get started with Cocoshima?
Izumi: As a consultant especially for fundraising of NPOs in Japan, I noticed that each NPOs have another individuality and it often depends on the city or town where they are. I thought to empower NPOs, it is essential to empower their town on the same time. That is the start of Cocoshima.

i-genius: What difficulties has Cocoshima faced?
Izumi: Fund shortage always make me sick. But real difficulties are the personnel shortage, I think.

Cocoshima Pearls

i-genius: What is the next stage/project for Cocoshima?
Izumi: We started the project COCOPEARL with the local community on the Island of Co; to foster your own pearl. After a year’s fostering you can make a jewelry order with your fostered pearl. We sell within Japan and plan to distribute COCOPEARL to foreign countries.

i-genius: Who are your customers?
Izumi: Initially, I thought our customers are ladies, but now gentlemen who need dress-up accessories for their business or party have become our customers also. They can make caffs button or tie pin with their fostered pearls.

i-genius: What makes a good President of a company?
Izumi: However hard it may be, you can continue to try anytime and with everything, if you never forget to show gratitude.

i-genius: What advice would you give to entrepreneurs starting a social business/NPO in Japan?
Izumi Tsuda: You can try everything if you never give up your dream. If you feel stressed to keep the activity or business, you can ask senior entrepreneurs anytime for support and assistance.


To find out more about Cocoshima, visit: http://cocoshima.com/english/