About i-genius

i-genius is the world’s largest international community of social entrepreneurs, which promotes social entrepreneurship to a network of professionals and supports the wider social economy. Founded by Tommy Hutchinson (CEO and Founder), i-genius is based in London and began trading in 2008.

i-genius has worked with a series of universities (University of Northampton, Hult Business School, Kings College, Liverpool Hope University, University of London) and previously worked on projects with Channel 4, OECD, ISTAT, British Council, as well as being recommended by BBC’s The World Challenge. i-genius is also a co-founder of the of the prestigious Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces and its annual Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit (with partners and winners including: World Bank, FIESC/SESI, GSK, Unilever, IBM, Shell, Xerox, Aetna, American University, Cigna, University of Arizona).


i-genius Structure

has worked in over 40 countries engaging in a range of activities and programmes in order to promote and enhance social entrepreneurship and the wider social economy. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Profiles & Interviews social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship
  2. Events – conferences, seminars, Awards programmes. Recent international events include an Asia Summit Bangkok 2012, Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summits – a Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces initiative co-founded between i-genius and International Health Consulting – in London 2013, Shanghai 2014, Florianopolis 2015 and Washington, DC 2016, UK Commission to Pakistan, 2013 and resulting Opportunity Pakistan conference in 2014.
  3. i-genius Academy – a leading provider of social entrepreneur training and study tours to the British Council (12 countries) and hosts a growing global Alumni. Online learning and a package of support for Universities in developing courses and student recruitment to study social business related courses. i-genus has recently partnered with the University of Northampton for student recruitment and the the Charity Bond Scholarship Programme.
  4. i-genius Support – supports the wider social economy through a range of services to support i-genius members and clients in accessing finance and obtaining new customers, including foreign trade. Under its Policy Centre initiative i-genius worked on the European Union project Web-COSI in partnership with the OECD, Istat and Lunaria and has partnered with the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC) and Royal Mail to launch CommonwealthFirst – a major new initiative to help SMEs trade and invest across the Commonwealth.

If you have an idea or passion that you believe will be of benefit to others and the world we live in, we welcome you to join i-genius!


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