Sheeza Ahmad Shah:

UpEffect is a rewards-based crowdfunding and support platform for social good products. –Over 50% of crowdfunding campaigns fail on the major platforms, particularly niche products...
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Goodwill Social Work Centre

Dr. J. Christopher Daniel:

Since its inception the Goodwill Social Work Centre has been working in the areas of children’s rights, children’s rights through artwork, Children’s environmental health...
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Pehla Qadam

Ambreen Asif Qureshi:

‘Pehla Qadam’ means first step. Pehla Qadam is an indigenous entrepreneurship training program for youth (aged 17 – 30 years) belonging to the marginalized...
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Operation ASHA

Dr. Shelly Batra:

Operation ASHA is on a mission to expand access to services and products of a high quality at affordable prices to disadvantaged communities worldwide with a...
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Imagination for People

Frank Escoubès:

Imagination for People is a multilingual web platform dedicated to social innovation. Imagination for People helps social entrepreneurs and engaged communities develop ideas and...
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