Capacity Building Courses

These courses are available on a group purchase basis only. For individual courses refer to Social Entrepreneur Mentoring and Online Courses.

All courses can be tailored to suit specific needs, e.g. employability, marketing or environmental entrepreneurs. i-genius is developing new academically accredited courses, an alumni and a distant learning platform. We also provide study tours, lecturers, and seminars.

i-genius Academy is looking to explore how best to assist and offer social enterprise training to countries and communities which have undergone dramatic change as a result of conflict, internal strife or environmental damage. We welcome all enquiries irrespective of location.

If you would like to book a course for your organisation or design one tailored to your specific needs, please e-mail: or call +44 (0)20 7690 8232

Course 1: Introduction to social entrepreneurship

Suitable for: Government officials, university academics and NGO leaders seeking to develop a social business and/or a social aspect to their organisation

Duration: 1-2 days


  • What is social entrepreneurship
  • Why the growth in social entrepreneurship
  • The UK experience
  • Social entrepreneurship around the world
  • Developing links with the UK and other countries
  • Opportunities, threats and benefits
  • How to create a social enterprise
  • Creating networks and reaching out
  • Resources and support
  • Practical exercise: transforming a community – participants working in teams draw up and present plans for local transformation

Course 2: Becoming a social entrepreneur

Suitable for: Students, career changers or early stage social entrepreneurs

Duration: 2-3 days

Content: A-Z in social entrepreneurship covering:

  • What is social entrepreneurship
  • How to develop a viable social business idea
  • Ideas testing
  • Strategic planning and business modelling
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing – traditional, online, social media
  • Profiling and media
  • Presentation skills
  • Organisation and financial management
  • SWOT analysis
  • Seeking finance/investors
  • Forming partnerships with corporations and NGOs
  • Pitching proposals – usually in team game style format

Course 3: Advanced course on social entrepreneurship

Combines all aspects of An Introduction to social entrepreneurship and Becoming a social entrepreneur, but in greater depth with participants supported by individual mentoring. i-genius will utilise its networks to support the development of partnerships wherever appropriate.

Suitable for: social entrepreneurs, social businesses and NGOs trading/operating for three or more years and seeking to substantially grow their business both nationally and internationally.

Duration: 3-5 days

Each participant will benefit from the following:

  • A personalised health check on the strengths and weaknesses of current operations and plan to address each area where improvement is needed
  • A personalised business plan suitable for presenting to funders
  • A personalised sales and marketing plan
  • Trading with the UK and other countries
  • Participation in a forum of shared experiences and problem solving
  • Scenario training – a real-time exercise where individuals or teams respond to events affecting the success or failure of their business (ideal for testing organisational strength and decision making)

Course 4: Communicating YOU! Marketing you and your business

Duration: 1 day

Suitable for: suitable for students and professionals both within and outside of the social business and entrepreneurship industry


  • Key steps in preparing to communicate
  • Developing a brand, awareness and identity
  • How to promote yourself via traditional media
  • How to promote yourself via social media
  • Online marketing (Inc. SEO and SEM)
  • How to obtain media coverage
  • How to make a film (with or without a budget)
  • Bringing everything together

For more information on our above courses and/or to book a course e-mail: or call +44 (0)20 7690 8232.

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