Social Entrepreneur Courses

Social Entrepreneur Courses

social entrepreneur courses

Business School for Social Entrepreneurs

i-genius Academy provides top class training and support for social entrepreneurs and people who run or want to create social businesses. i-genius Academy is the business school of i-genius (world community of social entrepreneurs with members in over 200 countries). It provides education and training on social entrepreneurship and designs tailor-made courses and lectures for organisations.

i-genius Academy is a preferred training partner for the British Council and Liverpool Hope University, an international strategic partner for the Business in the Community ‘arc’ Centre for social entrepreneurs (BiTC – 850 corporate members in the UK,) and recommended by BBC World Challenge for global social enterprise. Our team of experienced social entrepreneurs deliver highly practical capacity building workshops on all aspects of social entrepreneurship.

Courses and lecturers have been successfully delivered in the UK, Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Morocco, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China and Mexico.

i-genius Academy Courses:


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“The world is undergoing dramatic and at times frightening change. Social entrepreneurs creating innovative businesses can play a vital part in helping to improve communities and make the world a better place. The importance i-genius attaches to supporting individuals as they develop their talent and self confidence is very important.”
Chris Cramer, former President and Managing Director of CNN International

“No one said starting a new venture was easy. Sometimes it’s bloody tough. But it is also great fun (usually!) and gives you a real sense of being creative and in control of your own destiny. For most people, it’s among the best decisions they ever make in their lives.”
Liam Black, co-founder of Wavelength and former CEO of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen

“Increasingly men and women want to do more things with their lives. Being a social entrepreneur is a very rewarding way to help yourself and your community. I’m sure the i-genius Academy will really help people live  their dream as well as fulfil their potential” Claire Dove, Chair, Social Enterprise Coalition “More and more people are getting excited about the idea of social entrepreneurship. We need to tap this enthusiasm if we are to renew economic dynamism but on a more sustainable basis than before. Entrepreneurs need more than enthusiasm and commitment they need skills, they need to learn from what works and what doesn’t, they need to go into the challenge with their eyes wide open. This is why this i-genius initiative is so timely and so necessary.”
Matthew Taylor, Director of Royal Society of Arts

“We are delighted to be working with i-genius Academy and encouraging the growth of social entrepreneurship.  Angels Den ( has Europe’s largest network of Angel investors, many of whom are becoming increasingly interested in Social Enterprise.   We offer a fast, affordable and straightforward way for growing ventures to access funding without the stuffiness and mystique normally associated with Angel investment.”
Bill Morrow, Founder of Angels Den 


Recent student comments

“Thank you for a wonderful course! It was great to develop my idea in such a supportive environment and I am to stay involved in the i-genius community.”
Sofia Zabolotskih, Microfinance without Borders

“Awesome opportunity to gain social business skills, and more importantly enjoy time with highly inspiring like-minded social entrepreneurs!”
Taichi Fujimoto, Happniess Architect – Two Planton Ltd

“This course really encourages you to make your social enterprise idea a reality.”
Diana Sanchez

“For those, like me, who may be afraid to discuss their ideas or to start your own social enterprise, doing a course like this will definitely open up your mind, see the potential(s) of your idea and release some of your fears. Now I feel there is nothing stopping me from launching my own business.”
Joyce W. Kalema

“It was extremely valuable to spend time working on all aspects of my business. From ideas, to plans, to next steps. Thoroughly recommended.”
Richard Brownsdon, Inspiring Adventures



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