Adult Treehouse Built with Salvaged Materials

Adult Treehouse Built with Salvaged Materials


From city to forest, we’ve had a recent glut of triangular shaped homes gracing our pages. From Swedish architect Leo Qvarsebo comes this modern re-interpretation of the A-frame cabin, built partially using recycled materials and envisioned as a “treehouse for adults.”

Located in Dalarna in central Sweden, and created as a summer home for the architect’s family and children, the structure features a sloping facade that doubles as a climbing wall, as well as generous windows that look out onto the pastured landscape. The interior consists of a series of overlapping spaces that look out onto one another, giving a sense of spatial connection and intimacy. In line with the playful feel of the house, there are swings out front, done in a minimalist, rather than childish, fashion. The crux of the design is to allow the occupants to interface with their habitat, says the architect:

Exploiting the view is obvious but architecture should deal with more than that and let its inhabitants be able to interact with their environment. The house is a bit like a treehouse for adults. The climb to the top is via several levels and offers both views and privacy. From each level of the house you can see up to the next, creating a curiosity to continue to climb and once you’re up, the view is breathtaking.

The interiors — done with birch plywood that the architect rescued from a puzzle factory that went out of business, with secondhand door and windows — feels like a full scale architectural model of sorts. All the wooden surfaces lend a kind of modernist rusticity that is comforting but feels open and airy.

Privy to some amazing views is the master bedroom at the very top of the home, which is accessible via some stairs that originate from a study on the mezzanine.

Simple but beautiful, this lively summer house feels like a giant hill to climb in the middle of a idyllic landscape. More over at Leo Qvarsebo on Instagram and Dezeen.


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