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An Interview with Tokunbo of Creative Agenda

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i-genius: Why did you create Creative Agenda Foundation?
: It all started from my hatred for anything failure. I have always loved to create solutions to problems. In like manner, I detest any idea of impossibilities and I scold anyone that has impossibility mentality. So when I see people sufferings because of ignorance it used to steer my anger toward ensuring liberation and freedom for them.

What inspired the name?
Name gives identity, and can summarize the activities and direction with which a thing could be fashioned. The name came about because of my realization that every man is created with one ability and the other. We only need to discover and enhance this ability to better our lives. But many have missed discovering this innate creative ability, either because of their own mistake when they were younger or through nature which has been so harsh on them, or even by the unfavorable economic climate in our country. Therefore such needed to be re-engineered to be able to be socially useful and ultimately positioned to be able to help others.

i-genius: Describe Creative Agenda Foundation in one sentence.
CAF is a civil service organization that is committed to challenging the youths and adults to discover their potentials, alleviate poverty, empower individuals economically, promote education through series of capacity building programs and assist the indigents in the society for the benefit of the community and humanity.

i-genius: What is the biggest challenge you face at the moment?
challenge is a springboard for success. It is a normal occurrence in all human endeavors. The greatest challenge we have is sourcing for fund to execute many of our projects. Hitherto we have relied on assistance from willing donors and we equally engage in periodic solicitation of funds through crowd funding and donations from local philanthropies, which in most cases are inadequate and far in between.

i-genius: What is your long term ambition for Creative Agenda Foundation?
the long term ambition is that we are looking forward to key into the promotion of economic and social cooperation and development within our locality, to also encourage sustainable development, social development and human rights of individuals, to assist the less privileged, influence the youths to be responsible adults, advocate for the vulnerable children and to encourage others to lend a helping hand to the indigents in the society and the world at large.

i-genius: What book are you reading right now?
Tokunbo: The Book of Proverbs in the Bible


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