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i-genius interviews Jyoti Ramanth of CraftMyGift

A present can bring a smile on the face of your loved ones. I can open hearts and express your deep feelings for someone. Jyoti has the heart and eye to create personalized gift that can achieve exactly that, by creating gifts you want to keep for life.

i-genius:CraftMyGift has come a long way since you founded it in 2007. Tell us a bit more what you do.

Jyoti: CraftMyGift is a company which specializes in creating gifts which has the power to touch someone’s heart. The gifts we create become an expression of the emotions of the gift giver. We completely operate through website. Currently we address the gifting requirements of both individuals and corporate business.

i-genius: You said that you don’t sell gift items but a lot of feelings, memories and emotions. What is your approach and vision for CraftmyGift?
Jyoti: I would like to establish the brand of CraftMyGift synonymous with “gift of emotions”. My approach towards CraftMyGift is to focus on understanding what triggers human emotions, what makes a person happy, understand the intention behind gifting, and create gifts which are able to express one’s thoughts in the most creative way.

i-genius: What has been your best moment as entrepreneur so far?
Jyoti: My best moment was when I got a chance to represent CraftMyGift in International Leadership Program at Hawaii.

i-genius: What advise would you give other young women who have the dream to become an entrepreneur?

Jyoti: If you are passionate about what you do, then go ahead and try it out. Figure it out whether you can make a successful business out of it. There is going to be a lot of ups and downs. It is going to be a scary journey with sleepless nights but irrespective of whether you fail or succeed at your business, you’ll never regret the path you took. The learning that you’ll get from the entrepreneurial journey is going to be a precious jewel in your hand that none can take away from you.

i-genius: What can we expect of Jyoti in 10 to 15 years?
Jyoti: I do keep repeating this but I would like to see myself as a successful business woman and would really love to see my name on the Forbes’s List of Top Business Women.


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