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i-genius interviews Tomas Grizas

i-genius asked top young Lithuanian fashion photographer Tomas Grizas about his recent visit to the Cannes Film Festival and what makes a good photograph?

i-genius: what was Cannes like?
Tomas: Nice & hot… 🙂 It was also very interesting, glamorous, impressive, enjoyable. I’ve visited southern coast of France for the first time and, to be honest, felt in love from a first moment I’ve felt it… (the atmosphere, the hype, the people) Hope that explains how great is there.

i-genius: who did you go with?
Actually we did the whole journey from London together with a friend of mine Abdul Mannan who is a film director. And instead of travelling by plane we’ve driven all the way there with my lovely camper van. It was a bit of experience! And there, in Cannes, I’ve been together with Vipica productions and their crew of super models, with Fashion TV, friends came for a few days from Valencia, Moscow…

i-genius: was it more fun or hard work?
Tomas: Everyone there was going ‘business, business’ and I told them – come on, I came here for holiday 🙂 So gladly I had a bit of both – some relaxed time (not forgetting to snap with my camera at the same time – actually one of my planned series, called “Through a naked glass” will be mainly from these pictures), some business.

i-genius: you have recently opened a new studio in London. What are your plans for the future?
Tomas: To be honest – I don’t really know which ones to mention – so much going on at the moment – in my life and in my head 🙂 Just got to Lithuania, still have loads of impressions from Cannes and around, want to do some photo shoots here… So we’ll see! 🙂

i-genius: so tell us, what makes a good photograph?
Tomas: When I saw this question two ideas came into my mind: if it’s a picture of some surroundings – be it a building, nice street or impressive landscape – it’s actually a photographer and his eye. Well, and camera with a lense a little bit 🙂 When we are talking about fashion photo shoots which I do – then it’s about a good, outstanding idea, good art direction, photographer and work of the whole team involved.

i-genius: Thank you!
Thank you! I’m really happy and it’s a big pleasure and honor for me to be interviewed by i-genius – such an amazing place connecting amazing people..


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