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i-genius sits down with Amra from PMRS


i-genius: Tell us about the work you do and why it’s important?
Amra: I am currently working in the Palestinian Medical Relief Society as an External Relations Officer. This organization is one of the leading health and social providers that provides services both in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Medical Relief Society has been working to improve the access to health care for all in the Palestinian territories since its foundation in 1979, both by providing Primary Health Care to the population and by advocating and lobbying for health and Human Rights and for the development of the Palestinian health infrastructure.

This scope of work is extremely important. Many Palestinians have no access to healthcare. The poverty levels and unemployment rates ultimately contribute to the access to healthcare. PMRS aims at increasing the overall well being of Palestinians as a vital parameter in the reduction of social inequalities and in an attempt of raising the standard of living for all in the territories. On the one hand, providing quality health care and social services to vulnerable Palestinians in marginalized and isolated areas will significantly contribute to alleviate poverty by preventing two of its major causes: sickness and complications of diseases.

i-genius: What role can social networks play in Palestine?

Amra: Social networks have played a role in conveying the Palestinian message. Social media network such as Facebook, blogs and Twitter have conveniently facilitated this process.

Through social networks, now we are able to be in contact with other Palestinians. For example, we have built a strong base of networks of Palestinians in Gaza, and Jerusalem. We have also been able to establish networks with other Palestinian solidarity groups whether in the US, UK and Europe which helps us in publicizing any event or news that unfolds in the Palestine.

i-genius: What affect has the Arab revolution had?

Amra: The Arab revolution has inspired the masses in order for them to believe that the impossible is possible. As Palestinians, we have closely followed the events of the Egyptian, Syrian and Tunisian revolutions, yet unfortunately we see no concrete results or solutions.

We must take into consideration (despite the results) that whether in Tunisia or Egypt, the people united against an authoritarian regime. Their underlying common ground was that they wanted to remove the corrupt despot. For us as Palestinians it is quite different.

i-genius: Describe yourself in one word.
Amra: Determined

i-genius: What is your favourite hobby and why?
Amra: I like to spend my time reading and following up news because it allows you to be engaged in what is going on around you. It allows you to gain new information and knowledge which inevitably facilitates dialogue and discussion. In my opinion, the more you read, the more you know, and the more you know gives you an increased potential to influence the society you live in.


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