Europe Evolve

‘Europe Evolve’ is a series of roundtables comprising invited experts involved in parts of the social economy affected by the evolution of Europe.

College Life & Brexit
16/06/2017, European Commission, Europe House, London

UK Universities and Higher Education providers have begun to experience the practical effects of Brexit. Most institutions’ student applications are down from other EU Member States and non-EU countries. Researchers have been asked to withdraw from Horizon 2020 research opportunities, whilst universities have begun to experience adverse effects on college budgets, job recruitment, morale amongst non-UK EU staff and academic opportunities.

Students have expressed confusion over where to study and what will happen to them in pursuing careers where citizenship and mobility is uncertain. Good quality higher education, a major contributor to UK prosperity and cultural life is under threat; with any downturn potentially adversely affecting many towns and cities in the country.

In the first of a series of ‘Europe Evolves’ Roundtables this discussion looked at the affect various scenarios – Soft, hard, or even no Brexit – could have on Higher Education and those affected by it. The College Life & Brexit Roundtable brought together selected academics, students, opinion leaders and policy makers to explore the implications for:

1. Study
2. Research
3. Career opportunities
4. The talent economy in local communities
5. UK’s position as a world leader in higher education

The Roundtable was conducted according to Chatham House rules and was accompanied by a background briefing and follow-up report.

Click here to view the briefing notes, roundtable summary report and presentation.