i-genius Programmes

Our i-genius programmes focus on supporting the wider social economy through trade, policy and advocacy, data and statistics gathering, scholarship opportunities, workplace health wellness and wellbeing initiatives.

Below is a list of our current programmes.


CommonwealthFirst is a major new initiative to help SMEs trade and invest across the Commonwealth. The programme is developed by a partnership between the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council and Royal Mail with the support from i-genius as implementation partner.

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Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces

hrough a series of initiatives designed to enhance shared learning, recognition and replication, the Global Centre seeks to create a healthier and more productive working experience for all employers and employees, irrespective of their size, location or circumstances.

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Charity Bond

In partnership with Allia, i-genius’ Tommy Hutchinson and University of Northampton’s Prof Simon Denny (Director of Research, Impact and Enterprise), have begun briefings on a new charity bond to fund the University’s St Crispin’s Scholarship programme. The University of Northampton is the first higher education institution to issue a ‘pledge to invest’ and the model offers a highly innovative approach for the funding of similar charitable initiatives.

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