The Social Entrepreneur’s A to Z

The Social Entrepreneur’s A to Z

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Former CEO of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen reveals the naked truth of leadership in The Social Entrepreneur’s A to Z by Liam Black, with foreword by Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus

“Starting any enterprise is bloody hard work,” says Liam Black In The Social Entrepreneur’s A to Z. “You will be challenged, terrified, exhilarated, knocked down, lifted up – sometimes all in one day.”

The Social Entrepreneur’s A to Z: On Anxiety, Leadership and Getting Enough Sleep, is the new leadership book by Liam Black, co-founder and Chief Encouragement Officer of Wavelength, the global leadership company, and former CEO of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant brand.

Written for aspiring social entrepreneurs and old hands alike, the book offers insights into the successes, failures and potential hazards of running a social business, in a brisk and energetic A to Z format.

Packed full of frank stories, anecdotes, tips and advice to help leaders through the maze of anxiety, business basics and sleep deprivation that entrepreneurship – both social and otherwise – often entails, Liam draws on 30 years of experience working with some of the most inspiring leaders across the social and corporate business worlds.

Often asked to share his experiences at conferences and lectures, Liam wrote the A to Z as a way to share his experience and to inspire leaders on their mission to make a difference in the world through enterprise. Each letter is devoted to a different aspect of leadership – “A” is for “Anxiety”, “X” is for “Xtra strong resilience” – with brilliant illustrations by the artistic genius Spike Gerrell.

Liam Black has been part of the social enterprise movement for over 20 years, starting at Liverpool’s iconic Furniture Resource Centre (FRC) in the early 1990s, heading to Fifteen to build a restaurant brand, and in 2008 co-founding Wavelength. He has written this book to provide a practical and honest account of his journey so far.

Liam said: “If you find just one thing within these pages which helps you on your social entrepreneurial journey, the job of writing all this down will have been worthwhile.”

Professor Yunus, who has written the foreword to the book, is also the subject of the letter Y in the book.

Muhammad Yunus said: “In this A to Z – and I am very happy to see the letter “Y” dedicated to me! – Liam brings to social entrepreneurs his experience, wisdom, and insight, all delivered with his trademark directness and sense of humour to inform, encourage, educate and – when needed – admonish.

“I hope you will read it, enjoy it, learn a lesson or two from it and then act to create, step by step, the world that we dream of.”

Tim West, the book’s editor, and the founder of Matter&Co, who designed and produced the publication, said: “The world of business – even business with a social purpose – is often beset by massive egos and the need to claim success when all around you is screaming failure. The combination of honesty, plain speaking, insight and humour that Liam offers in this A to Z is a very rare and special thing. It has been an honour to help bring this spirit alive through producing and designing this book and the brilliant podcasts that we will be running alongside it on”

The Social Entrepreneur’s A to Z is available from Pioneers Post, and is priced £15.
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