Social Innovating Japan

Social Innovating Japan

social entrepreneur movement sweeping Japan

Sitting on the 42nd floor with a view levitating over the heart of Tokyo served as the perfect location for Social Innovation Japan’s fourth social entrepreneur gathering event. The day started promptly and had an excellent turnout with a lovely mix of the young, old, business suited and the casually dressed.

Following the opening speech were workshops and case studies on areas like how social entrepreneurs overcame difficulties in setting up and promoting their social business, as well media strategies for social entrepreneurs. Microsoft was sponsoring perhaps the most interesting session of the day. The School Session was broken into two sections (before and after lunch), and held the themes “Management Strategies for NPOs”, and “Social Innovation Coaching”.

Lunchtime gave one the opportunity to join matching tables, browse some booths and mingle with a few people. At which point other participants gave ten minute presentations for those who cared to listen. I was even able to get a free glucose level check. And just in case you’re wondering – yes, I am still normal!

I was indeed impressed by the presentations from Global Village (People Tree) on their eco-fashion work, and by Picchio on their eco-tourism packages and events for the whole family. But the highlight of the day for me was meeting a university lecturer who teaches Social Entrepreneurship and Business Economics. He was amazed by the work of i-genius and our future plans, and even stole a wad of i-genius postcards to give to his undergraduates. I conclude that it was a very successful day for SIJ, and i-genius.

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