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AgriHub Pakistan | Muhammad Farrukh Mahmood & Mubsher Hassan | Interview

Country: Website: http://agrihub.pk/

Unawareness towards agri-tech business prevails throughout the world, yet there are so many opportunities. It’s a viable career option for young people. AgriHub Pakistan is set on the pattern of social enterprise where business is not just to earn but to provide quality organic food to the common man for a healthier world and useful knowledge to the farmers. In Sha Allah this effort will eventually become a movement in Pakistan. AgriHub Pakistan believe in educating its farmers, whereby success and money will follow us itself. Muhammad Farrukh Mahmood and Mubsher Hassan spoke to i-genius to tell us more.

i-genius: Why did you start AgriHub Pakistan?
Muhammad Farrukh Mahmood & Mubsher Hassan: Most of us are unaware of the importance of this particular field. We have failed to recognize the importance of agri-tech to the national economy, both as a creator of a job and improver of the farm efficiency. We at AgriHub Pakistan can see how big the sector is and how important it is for our country. When the farmers are prosperous and settled automatically the country goes well, especially in a country where 60% of the population is engaged with farms and fields.

i-genius: Why did you decide on the name AgriHub Pakistan?
Farrukh & Mubsher: Agriculture has changed throughout history. It is not a simple manual task today. Agricultural system in Pakistan needs changes and advances too. So, we decided to provide a common connection point, a hub to the customers where they get all related information, data and other details. The word AgriHub suffices the utilities that are providing to our visitors or the customers.

i-genius: In what way is AgriHub Pakistan a social enterprise?
Farrukh & Mubsher: AgriHub Pakistan is not just a profit earning business. We have set on the pattern of community interest company. Farmers and the related community in Pakistan are not technically equipped and aware of the new technological advancements in their field. There is no proper monitoring of the production, no knowhow of proper vaccines, growth of livestock, insecticides or pesticides etc. Our first and foremost aim is to provide information and technical assistance to our farmers to enhance production level.

i-genius: What makes a good candidate for a CEO of a company?
Farrukh & Mubsher: The burden of initial success in an early stage company sits on the shoulders of the CEO. A CEO should not be distracted. A focused CEO achieves his target swiftly. He should have strong faith in whatever he is doing. At the same time he should be honest, truthful and of course consistent. So, it is Faith, Honesty, Truth and Consistent Approach that makes a successful CEO and its common in almost all CEO’s of successful companies.

i-genius: Who’s/what’s been your continued source of inspiration?
Farrukh & Mubsher: Our great farmers are the sole source of inspiration to us. They are the ones who work day in and day out for us to feed. Farmers are the real producers. It is our duty to facilitate them and provide better options for them.

i-genius: What is your favourite motto in life?
Farrukh & Mubsher: Abide by your principles. Stick to the values you started out with, the difference you make will stay forever.

i-genius: What’s the worst business advice you’ve ever received?
Farrukh & Mubsher: Have a shortcut. This is the worst advice we all get while starting a new business. There is no room for shortcuts in making big pictures and long term goals. Ultimately shortcuts are to be paid off.

i-genius: What advice would you give to those starting up a social business/project?
Farrukh & Mubsher: Social business/projects are actually community interest based companies. They must have some key features which make sure they are working to benefit communities. So those who are interested in starting a social business must not think of simple trade, they must keep community benefit in their minds. It would automatically pave their way towards success. Try to keep a balance between reasonable profit and a genuine contribution to society.

i-genius: Tell us more about the countdown on AgriHub Pakistan’s new website. What can new visitors expect?
Farrukh & Mubsher: We are quite excited with the launch of AgriHub Pakistan’s website. It will be a unique presentation for Pakistani Farmers and people who are interested in farming. AgriHub Pakistan’s website will be a hub for Farmers, Advisers, Vendors that will facilitate farmers to improve their crop growth through available services on website, vendors to offer/sell their products to farmers and advisers to contribute and offer services to agriculture industry.

i-genius: Any exciting projects/initiatives you want to share?
Farrukh & Mubsher: Our other initiatives include: AlHalal Farms (again a combination of farmers and tech people) where we are focusing towards goat farming in a modern way and; 11Values where we have a slogan “Adding values to your Business”. Its a Software Development company where we believe that in a working relationship between two or more people/companies, beneficiary shouldn’t be a single entity but it should be “Mutual”.


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