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Interview with Gulalai Ismail


Not many girls in Pakistan become entrepreneurs. Why did you dare to stride out?
I became an entrepreneur because I was born in a Society where human rights violations especially are deeply rooted in the cultures and customs from centuries, and have been accepted by people. I strongly felt that these human rights violations should be addressed and world should be a place where human rights of everyone especially women should be respected. The need to make earth a better place for women made me an entrepreneur.

What is your vision as an entrepreneur. What do you want to achieve?
My vision is to make the world a better place for women, where Human RIights of women are equally respected, where women have the right to decide for their own lives and bodies, where women have equal access to education, information, employment, health services, governance and Justice. I envision a world where violence against women is considered a crime and women have the same level of freedom as men have. I envision a world where women is not considered as a second class citizen but a complete Human.

What experience as social entrepreneur has so far left the biggest impression on you?
In my experience as a Social entrepreneur I have seen that young women have the power to change the world, they have strong leadership abilities, but they need platforms where they can strengthen their capacity and can voice their opinions!

If you wouldn’t do Aware Girls, what else would you do?
I would be an artist, and would be working for promoting women rights through arts and creativity.

Whats your secret to success?
I am just in the initial stages of my carrier and I have a long way to go to achieve my goals. The secret so far to my success is, I must say the realization of the issues present in the society. I have realized these bitter realities of my society where we have these extreme kind of gender inequality issues, where women are killed in the name of honor, violence against women is considered a private and personal matter, and women’s body is controlled by men in the name of religion.

What would you recommend other young women in Pakistan who want to become social entrepreneurs?
Any young women of Pakistan, who is touched by the social issues can become a social entrepreneur. The only thing she needs is self confidence, Leaders are not born, people opt to become Leaders. Leadership is about dreaming solutions. So be a leader and change the world for yourself. Change begins from one own self, so be the change you want to see in your community!


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