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Urban Walker

How to Give Your Mind, Body and Spirit an Upgrade in 30 Days. 

Urban walking is today’s smart exercise. It’s easy, it’s safe, it’s inexpensive – and it’s fun. You can do it alone, with your partner, your children, your friends, your work colleagues, even your grandparents. As an aerobic exercise, fitness walking will give you a workout comparable to jogging, but with less chance of injury. It revs up your metabolism, it energises you, it burns calories, and it makes you feel better, too.

i-genius member Maggie Humphreys and Les Snowdon have been enthusiastic walkers since childhood. They believe that walking is the best exercise because it is accessible to just about anyone – and anyone can begin getting fit and healthy simply by walking out of their own front door. Following the worldwide success of their first book The Walking Diet, Maggie and Les now launch their eBook The Urban Walker – How to Give Your Mind, Body and Spirit an Upgrade in 30 Days – an easy-to-follow, highly-flexible motivational programme suitable for almost anyone, whatever age and whatever level of fitness. The Urban Walker returns to their main theme that fitness walking can seriously improve your health, fitness and wellbeing and help you cope with the daily stress of life. It is a health warning, a wake up call, to step out into the open air, take a deep breath and reconnect with your mind, body and spirit.

Group support is one of the best ways to keep up an urban walking routine, keep motivated and achieve results. So why not start today, start your own urban walking group or join someone else’s group. Here are some suggestions for the ways you could make urban walking part of your life and connect with other walkers:

  • Kick-start and energise your day with a brisk morning walk
  • Walk the children to school, whatever the weather
  • Walk instead of having a coffee break – a walk will give you a better ‘lift’ than
    a cup of coffee and 10 minutes is enough
  • Use stairs instead of elevators – they will tone your legs and exercise your heart
  • Organise a lunch-time walking group with friends or colleagues
  • Plan a walking meeting
  • Take a walk with your partner, child or friend
  • Suggest to your children’s school a walking group for kids, parents and teachers

However you look at it – Walking Works Wonders!

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