Making 2022 the Year of Resilience

Two years into Covid and it is still not clear what cycle of the pandemic we are in. Despite all the problems and inconveniences caused, some positive features are emerging in what has otherwise been a depressing period. These include:

   + The drift towards virtual engagement has opened up opportunities for entrepreneurs who had previously felt locationally excluded

   + The scarcity of travel opportunities has made us appreciate even more the joy of exploration

   + A greater appreciation of what is really important in life – family, friends, health, happiness

i-genius has used the time to reflect and refocus, which has centred around four areas:

   1. A rise in the importance of wellbeing as represented by the expansion of our brand, Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces

   2. Designing new post graduate modules (and research) in modernising business education

   3. Exploring new models for the delivery of sustainable international trade

   4. Building Resilience through effective scenario planning

If interested or you are working in similar areas, we are keen to hear from you – please contact

Thank you for your on-going support.

Let’s really make it a Happy New Year

Team i-genius


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