Olio – The Food Sharing App

Olio – The Food Sharing App

Over 1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste.

OLIO is a free app which connects neighbours with each other and with local shops so surplus food and other items can be shared, not thrown away. If you love food, hate waste, care about the environment or want to connect with your community, OLIO is for you.

Got food?
Whether you’re a household or business, adding to OLIO is easy. Simply snap a photo, add a brief description and provide pick-up details. A lovely neighbour will be delighted to take it off your hands.

Want food?
Browse what’s available nearby (all is free or for donation to charity), request anything that takes your fancy and message to arrange a pick-up.

Meet your neighbours
One of the things our users love most about OLIO is the opportunity to meet their neighbours from all walks of life.

To find out more visit: https://olioex.com

Image copyright to Olio.

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