KALEA – Homemade Compost in 48 hours

KALEA turns organic waste into nourishing compost in 48 hrs

KALEA are a passionate team of material scientists, engineers, and hobby gardeners located in Stuttgart, Germany. Established in 2017, KALEA has been focused on developing innovative solutions to increase the convenience of handling biowaste at home while improving sustainability. Many generations of prototypes and almost 2 years of testing have led the team to its final design of KALEA.

At KALEA, they believe there are cleaner and more useful solutions to handle organic waste at home. Nature has already given us inspiration. Composting turns biowaste efficiently into ready-to-use compost. With that inspiration, KALEA have linked a natural process to smart technology and convenient use.

The name KALEA comes from Hawaii and means “filled with joy”. This is also the team’s vision. They want to share this joy with you, your plants, and the environment…

… by making the inconvenient handling of organic waste in your kitchen a thing of the past

… by using nutrient-rich compost to care for your plants

… by curbing the emission of harmful methane gas and therefore protecting the climate

To find out more about KALEA’s story and to get your hands on the automatic kitchen composter through their Kickstarter campaign, visit: https://www.mykalea.de

Image copyright to KALEA

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