Oxyn – Blockchain for the green community

Making every day purchases with green impact.

Oxyn’s blockchain-based platform links consumers, businesses, and environmental organizations – building a better world together. Support the environment by buying what you already like and need.

1.5 Years ago the co-founders of Oxyn started Treepex, a social enterprise planting trees with an easy-to-use platform, advanced API and innovative tracking system. They then realized that transparency and end-user engagement is key to successful CSR Portfolios and that is why they decided to create an impact-driven blockchain technology.

Oxyn is challenging existing inefficient, outdated and unmeasurable green initiatives with truly decentralized, transparent, and cutting-edge technologies.

You can plant a tree in the Sierra National Forest and receive 200 Oxyns for supporting their cause.

To find out more visit: https://oxyn.io

Image copyright to Oxyn.

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