Play Pac-Man – Stop Hunger

Pac Man vs Hunger

Pac-Man vs. Hunger – Eat Ghosts to Feed People.

Last year, Namco granted developers free-use rights to their famous game Pac-Man and since then deviations have sprouted up. Gaea Solutions has taken those rights and created the game PacMan Vs. Hunger, which lets players experience the thrill of the classic game while also racking up points to fight hunger in their area.

In order to play the game, instead of tokens, you must answer trivia questions about technology, entrepreneurship, psychology, and strategies — subjects the company covers over on their blog, so there is promotion involved as well as altruism. Every two weeks, the company holds a one-hour tournament where the points amassed by the top ten finishers on the leaderboard will be converted into donations to a local food charity in the winners’ hometowns.

Every 50 points equals one potato, or the price equivalent of the veggie — about 20 to 50 cents, donated to the charities to spend on feeding the hungry in their community.

The game was inspired by another game that takes on world hunger called Free Rice. That game by the United Nations World Food Programme has players answer vocabulary questions with each right answer equaling 10 grains of rice donated. At one point the game was so popular and successful, it was helping to feed 12,000 people a day.

You can go play PacMan vs. Hunger here. The next tournament game for raising money for a food charity is on September 6.


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