Tea People – The Film

Tea People - The Film

workers and children have stories of their own

DARJEELING, a region known for its fine teas and producer of one of the world’s most expensive teas, is also one of the most under-developed regions in India where an average tea garden worker earns less than a £1 a day. Despite their meager existence they live in hope, and dream of a better future for their children. However, many of the children do not have access to even basic educational facilities and infrastructure. These workers and children have stories of their own – stories of their struggle, their dreams, their hopes and their aspirations. And these stories need to be told!

Numerous films have been made on the history or journey of tea, but none till date about the people who work tirelessly on such low wages to bring that sunshine in to our cups. They are why we are making this film. Help Tea People tell the story of the PEOPLE of tea – their aspirations, their struggle and their connection to each and every one of us. Tea People are raising funds for the team’s travel to Darjeeling.


This project was an initiative of Tea People, a UK based social enterprise co-founded by the husband wife duo Neeraj (i-genius member) and Vishaka along with their Scottish friend Gillian. Tea People sells a wide variety of tea and accessories and donates half of its profits to New Leaf Trust, its sister charity to help educate children in the tea growing regions. The co-founders of Tea People long knew of the amazing work of Dylan Drummond and Michal Zagorski, two passionate and extremely community minded film-makers, and approached them to discuss Tea People and New Leaf Trust. They spoke about their passion for bringing about a positive social change, the work they were doing in Darjeeling and the stories of the tea garden workers and the children they were supporting.

To find out more about this project and help raise funds visit: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tea-people-the-film–2


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