JanaJal – Safe Water for All

JanaJal is a Delhi-based social enterprise and a flagship initiative of Supremus Group to change the perception and thought process on drinking water and to ensure better living, higher economic productivity, sustained education via higher attendance, efficient healthcare, and above all ‘khushhali’ for the nation, through automated water ATMs and Water on Wheels. To date 21,004,990 people have benefitted from the initiative. The social enterprise has reduced the use of 15,993,760 single-use plastic, ensuring the use of renewable energy and water conservation to help mitigate climate change through sustainable practices.

JanaJal has raised its safety standards in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, so that everyone can raise their glass of safe drinking water without any worry. Get an insight into JanaJal’s journey of ‘uberisation’ of safe water and future plans amid the uncertain times through a special piece by YourStory.

To learn more about JanaJal visit: https://janajal.com/index.html


Image copyright to JanaJal.

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