1st Latin American Summit on Healthy Workplaces Sao Paulo, Brazil

August 12, 2013

1st Latin American Summit on Healthy Workplaces Sao Paulo, Brazil

1st Latin American Summit on Healthy Workplaces Sao Paulo, Brazil

Maksoud Plaza, Sao Paulo, 29.09.2013

The first ever Latin American Summit on Healthy Workplaces will take place in São Paulo on September 29, 2013. The Summit is the first regional event aligned with the Global Healthy Workplace Awards, which took place in London in April 2013. It will highlight award winners and finalists as well as other better practices from the region. The Summit program will be available shortly.

You are invited to join i-genius and the GHWAwards team and human resource (HR) managers, policy makers and health professionals working with local enterprises as well as multi-national employers from all over Latin and South America.

Responding to the growing interest in promoting health at the workplace in Latin American countries the one-day Summit will feature the following topics:

  • Overview of key health issues and challenges in Latin America (including results from 2012 Buck Global Survey on Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness)
  • How to create a Healthy Workplace according to the World Health Organization (WHO) framework
  • Featuring case studies of Global Healthy Workplace Awards finalists and runners-up from the Americas
  • Implementing WHO Healthy Workplaces in small and medium- sized enterpries (SMEs): a pilot project in 3 Latin American countries (Peru, Colombia, Chile)
  • Innovation Laboratories: a collaborative project between the PanAmerican Health Organization (PAHO) and Agência Nacional de Saúde de Suplementar (ANS)
  • The multi-national challenge: large enterprises discuss how to implement WHP programs across the continent

The Summit is in conjunction with the ABQV Conference (September 30 – October 3). The ABQV Conference attracts over 700 participants from across South America.

Please join these thought leaders:

  • Rene Mendes, Consultant, Honorary Member ICOH & Senior Associate Johns Hopkins University
  • Wolf Kirsten, International Health Consulting
  • Julietta Rodriguez Guzman, PAHO (tbc)
  • Manuel Parra Garrido, Universidad Mayor, (Chile)
  • Fernando Leles,  PAHO Brazil & Alberto Ogata, ABQV, (Brazil)
  • Adriana Suarez, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
  • Lucio Ribeiro, Dow Chemical (Brazil)
  • Cristina Nader, Siemens (Brazil)
  • Javier Blois, Kimberly-Clark (Argentina)
  • Bernardo Curiel, Dupont (Mexico) tbc

For more information and to book tickets visit (In Portugese): http://www.abqv.org.br/congresso/inscreva/

Alternatively, please contact Rita Passos if you are interested in participating, would like more information and/or wish to register in English:

Jon Comola, Wolf Kirsten, Tommy Hutchinson
GHWAwards & Summit


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