A Year to Forget

There is no hiding it, 2020 has been a horrid year and one which can’t end quickly enough. Almost every organisation has been adversely affected and i-genius is no exception.

Of our three brands, Base Europe – which profiles cities for investment and business location has had the hardest time – this we hope to reactivate with a passion in the post-pandemic era. The Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces has unsurprisingly been exceptionally busy now that employee wellbeing is at the top of everyone’s agenda. The 8th Global Healthy Workplace Summit (virtual) was a bright light in an otherwise depressing year.

The parent company, i-genius has mostly focused on business education delivering post graduate education to the University of Northampton and Ravensbourne University London, along with virtual lectures to social entrepreneurs in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. With Brexit pending, the European Union Advisory Service has been active.

On the plus side, Lockdown has provided extra space for creativity and developing new skills. Marketing director, Barry Crisp, has published a ‘Earth is about to end’ sci-fi thriller and CEO Tommy Hutchinson is progressing at a pace in learning french; “quoi de neuf?”

The New Year will see fresh initiatives around business education, international trade, Europe, and workplace health.

We thank you for hanging in there, your likes on social media, and pray that you will have a better year than this one.

i-genius team


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