Ahadoo Mobile Learning


Ahadoo is a Ethiopian based social enterprise which tackles socio-economic challenges in developing countries through mobile phones supported solutions.

Ahadoo is a social enterprise that develops mobile solutions for developing countries to tackle social problems. According to UNESCO millions of youth in developing countries, e.g. in Ethiopia, emerge from schools with poor language and numeracy skills. Moreover their skills do not match labor market needs. Thus they face poor career prospects.

Ahadoo develops interactive and personalized learning materials for secondary school students in Mathematics, English and Entrepreneurship which they can access through their mobile phones or school computers. The decline in the price and usage costs makes mobile phones ubiquitous especially in poorer communities. The students get immediate feedback and can learn anytime and anywhere outside the classroom. Ahadoo’s emphasis is particularly on creativity as well as collaboration since great learning happens in groups.

Mobile learning does not require one device per learner. Given the limited availability of mobile devices in some areas, our approach is to address all possibilities: one-to-one to one device per a group of learners. The learning materials will be accessible on smart and feature phones as an app, on school computers web-based and in a later stage SMS- and audio-based for basic phones to facilitate equal access to quality education materials.

Visit website: http://www.ahadootec.com/


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