Babban Gona – Revolutionizing Agriculture

A vision to make 1 million smallholder farmer members more money by 2025.

Babban Gona is an award-winning, high impact, financially sustainable and highly scalable social enterprise part-owned by the farmers it serves. It inspires and enables hardworking smallholder farmer members reach their full potential by providing a private sector channel for cost effective delivery of enhanced agricultural technologies and end-to-end services that optimize yields and labor productivity, while simultaneously improving market access.

Babban Gona believes that everyone deserves a secure future, and to secure this future, we must END insecurity. The Babban Gona agriculture franchise overcomes a key underlying structural problem that keeps Nigerian smallholder farmer members poor – low economies of scale. The team at Babban Gona believe that to end insecurity, we must make smallholder farmer members more money.

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Image copyright to Babban Gona.

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