China Eye, in-depth window to China

January 15, 2012

China Eye, in-depth window to China

China Eye, in-depth window to China

special reports on social entrepreneurship in China

This is the first of our special reports on social entrepreneurship in China brought to you exclusively by i-genius. Each month we will be bringing you the latest interviews and stories from The Middle Kingdom straight to your digital screens. To commence we bring you an interview with Zhou Xian of Buy42.

China Correspondent: Betty Liu
Business Focus: Buy42 (Shanghai, China)
Interviewee: Zhou Xian

Introducing Buy42
is an online service platform which combines the concept of a ‘charity-shop’ and e-commerce business model. Buy42 collects people’s second-hand goods and sells them on its website. The profits main use is to support charity projects.



i-genius: What inspired you to fund this website?
Zhou Xian: I liked to go shopping in charity shops or second-hand shops when I studied in the UK. I thought it would be a good idea to establish a website which combines this form of shopping with e-commerce when I arrived back in China… Read more…

China Digest

> This month Hua Dan start a new children’s project in Beijing, offering drama and film workshops to more than 300 children over the next year!
> China will soon start construction on its second installment of wind power projects for 2011-2015. By 2015, China will have approximately 100 million KW of installed wind power capacity to generate 190 billion kwh of electric power annually.
> Bicycle repairmen across China find a niche market in repairing university students bicycles and having enough to put aside to manufacture their own. Ren Yuhua recently touched the hearts of many with his online blog posting about his life and struggles in Beijing
> To find out what events are taking place this month in China join Social Innovation China.
> Applications for the Intel Social Innovation Award 2012 are now open!

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Business Etiquette in China

Each month we will introduce you to three points of business etiquette in China.

1. Numbers 4 and 14 are very bad luck and mean death. However, number 3 means longevity and number 8 means wealth/prosperity. Do remember these numbers when setting out dates, documents, publication materials, competitions and so forth.

2. Do not interrupt! Remember who holds the floor and do not interrupt or talk over a speaker no matter if your intentions are good. You must always wait until a speaker has finished.

3. Yes. Don’t take your Chinese counterparts’ saying ‘yes’ literally to mean affirmative, Chinese people have habit of saying ‘yes’, or nodding their heads to show that they’re paying attention. In context the word ‘yes’ does not mean a Chinese person agrees with what you say or with your terms.

Until next month… Zai hui (See You)!


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