Digi.me – Your Life. Your Terms.

Digi.me – Your Life. Your Terms.

Take control of the data powering your digital life.

Digi.me is an award-winning platform that lets you take control of the data powering your digital life. Digi.me, based in the United Kingdom, and Personal based in the United States, merged in 2017 to create the world’s leading platform to empower people with their data.

As you create more and more personal data in this increasingly digital, connected world, digi.me helps you make sense of it all by redefining the relationship you have with your data, and with businesses and services that use it.

Bringing it all together within digi.me makes your data richer and more powerful – and you can then control how you share it on your terms, for personalised services and rewards.

The company puts its users at the heart of its vision by making privacy, security and control the foundations for everything else. They don’t see, touch or hold data – ever.

Your data, on your terms – find out more at www.digi.me

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