Ekoru – reforesting oceans and fighting climate change

Every Search Helps Remove Plastic and Reforests Our Oceans. 

Ekoru is a hydroelectricity-powered search engine that cleans and reforests oceans. Money is generated from sponsored search results to finance eco-friendly charities; for every online search made on the search engine, the organisation uses the revenue to help remove one pound of rubbish from the ocean. 60% of revenue goes to Big Blue Ocean Cleanup to help them keep our oceans clean and Operation Posidonia to keep our oceans green.

Clean Oceans every search helps raise funds for Big Blue Ocean Cleanup
Ocean Reforestation every search helps raise funds for Operation Posidonia
Green Searches all of Ekoru servers are powered by hydro-electricity
Privacy Ekoru don’t store any data or keep your search history

To learn more visit: https://www.ekoru.org


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