Hope Foodclub

Help Hope to reduce food poverty in Northampton.

The Hope Foodclub is a food club and horticulture project supplying healthy veg and subsidised food to people on low incomes in Northampton, UK. The new project is currently crowdfunding on Crowdfunder. Hope believe everyone should have access to affordable, healthy food and currently supply food through its day centre to people on low incomes, often destitute or homeless, and train people in catering and tool repair as a step out of unemployment.

In the new project Hope will grow healthy veg and salad, and supply this alongside tinned and packaged food, plus toiletries, at 1/3 shop prices to a new and wider group of people on low incomes. Its customers are people who live out on Northampton’s estates, and who struggle to put food on the table within the resources they have.

Why it’s not a foodbank

This new project is a food club, not a foodbank, and it’s based on membership, a bit like a food co-operative. People on low incomes will be able to join the food club and through membership can get access to subsidised food, delivered through pop-up shops in community projects, on deprived estates where they live.

A social enterprise, operated for a charity

This is a project built on a commercial arrangement between people in need and Hope. It is based not on a hand-out, but very much a hand-up, and this gives greater respect and self-worth to its customers. As members, they have a sense of ownership and dignity. It’s more sustainable, long term: it makes commercial and business sense alongside addressing need.

For more information visit Hope’s Website | Foodclub Crowdfunding Page

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