i-genius Promotions presents in Napoli

September 26, 2011

i-genius Promotions presents in Napoli

i-genius Promotions presents in Napoli

pride in understanding diverse cultures and sensitivities

The beautiful and historic Naples was the backdrop for the evolution of i-genius Promotions who presented at the Euclid conference for third sector executives in Europe. Since its launch at the beginning of this year, i-genius Promotions has successfully helped numerous social entrepreneurs and businesses to promote their story. Realising that every social business has a unique product, service and story to share, but few get the opportunity to market it well, i-genius Promotions offers this service regardless of wherever you are in the world!

What is i-genius Promotions? i-genius Promotions is a social business marketing and strategic consultancy agency of i-genius (which includes the i-genius community website and i-genius Academy) with direct market access.

i-genius Promotions can be broken down into five services:

Strategic Consultancy: branding, marketing plan, media strategy…

Social Media & Community Engagement: immersion, creation, promotion, engagement and measurement…

Traditional & Online Marketing:
PR, networks, newsletters, SEO, SEM, Adwords, Surveys…

Media & Marketing Training:
film, photography, marketing with limited and big budgets – giving you the skills to develop and sustain your own marketing campaign…

study tours, conferences, workshops, seminars, teleconferences…

It works in four simple steps:

1) Tell us what you want to achieve
Tell us your budget
We will discuss with you the options that best suit your objectives and finances
4) We both agree on a timescale and work plan

If you have interest in i-genius Promotions supporting your business, please contact Barry Crisp, barry@i-genius.org


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