Inspiring Adventures Brazil

June 12, 2012

Inspiring Adventures Brazil

Inspiring Adventures Brazil

an interview with Richard Brownsdon

We recently spoke with i-genius member and follower Richard Brownsdon to discuss his unique Inspiring Adventures social enterprise and his next adventure to Brazil.

i-genius: What is Inspiring Adventures?

Richard: Inspiring Adventures creates and designs learning journeys that inspire and stimulate. They introduce and connect participants with social entrepreneurs doing inspiring things in amazing places. 

Inspiring Adventures believes in the power of learning journeys as a tool for change in the world. We believe that learning journeys run to meet remarkable social entrepreneurs can equip participants with inspiration, tools, connections and perspective to create a better world. 

i-genius: What would be a desirable outcome from the Inspiring Adventure to Brazil 2012?

Richard: Participants returning from a fantastic travelling and learning experience, refreshed, stimulated and motivated. They feel inspired by what they have seen, and have gained a fresh perspective on their life and work. It’s also my hope that, if they are not already, they will choose to become more involved with socially beneficial organisations when they return, either by supporting their growth, joining existing social enterprises or starting something new themselves. 

i-genius: What is the most important thing for someone to take on an Inspiring Adventure?

Richard: Your whole self. An inquisitive mind, an open heart, a healthy body. And a swimsuit. 

i-genius: What makes Inspiring Adventures unique?

Richard: It’s a unique mix of holiday and access to social entrepreneurs in another part of the world. I think it’s great to go on holiday and relax, and it’s great to meet inspiring people doing amazing things – so why not mix them both together? As well as enjoying the beaches of Rio and the nature of Iguassu falls, we’ll be meeting the ex-Mckinsey consultant who set up the first social fund in Brazil, we’ll meet the team who runs the largest bird park in Latin America, we’ll hear from start-up entrepreneurs at the Hub Sao Paulo and we’ll see the work of social entrepreneurs in the poorest communities of Rio. 

i-genius: What is the future of Inspiring Adventures?

Richard: Inspiring Adventures wants to see the benefits of fun, exciting learning journeys spread to thousands of people, and will create journeys to visit social entrepreneurs and inspiring people all around the world. It might be a while before Inspiring Adventures goes back to Brazil, and the planning has started for Japan 2013.  

i-genius: What book are you reading now?

Richard: Right now I am reading: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, Start Something That Matters, by Blake Mycoskie, and Happiness, by Richard Layard  – They are certainly all related to the outcomes that I would love to see in participants! 

Inspiring Adventures – for people who share a passion for learning journeys. Richard Brownsdon is currently coordinating a week long journey to Brazil this October


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