MOBicure, a mobile health company


MOBicure are a mobile health (mhealth) company whose focus is to improve the lives of people around the world, especially those in the developing countries of Africa and Asia. mhealth or mobile health is the use of mobile technology devices and tools such as phones, tabs, sms, apps and videos to solve healthcare problems. MOBicure are one of the first mhealth companies in Nigeria and indeed Africa and provide products and services that help solve some of the most pressing health issues such as poor immunization coverage, maternal and child mortality and poor health access.

Its mission is to heal the world, millions at a time. MOBicure believe that they can change the healthcare delivery system in Africa and the developing world. With the explosion in the use of mobile technology in Africa and other developing countries in the last few years, mhealth must be incorporated into the healthcare system of these nations. MOBicure thus aims to ensure that it takes full advantage of the infinite potential of mobile technology.

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Ọmọmi is MOBicure’s flagship product. It is an android-based mobile application that aims to improve maternal and child health. It is the very first app worldwide that focuses on fulfiling all of the WHO Childhood Survival Strategies – which were developed to help reduce child mortality and promote maternal health.


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