New Business Development and Income Consultancy for Charities & NGOs


i-genius Support: creating new social enterprise forms of trading

i-genius ‘Support’ consultancy is a new package being launched in 2015 to assist charities, NGOs and other impact organisations to create new social enterprise forms of trading, to complement their activities and diversify income sources.

With traditional institutional and supporter funding becoming ever harder to secure, a growing number of non-profit and impact organisations are applying new business and trading mechanisms to the traditional charity model to generate sustainable methods of income. Such unrestricted income provides organisations with greater security and independence whilst in many cases increasing their social impact and public awareness.

i-genius, the world community of social entrepreneurs, is a global leader in supporting social businesses create scale and achieve greater impact. Recommended by BBC World Challenge, i-genius has a membership base in over 200 countries, and practical experience working in over 30 countries and a partnership portfolio which includes UNESCO, the British Council, Channel 4, Business in the Community, the European Union, Istat, OECD, the University of Northampton and many more.

i-genius Support channels expertise in providing business support and training into a consultancy package to help charities and social businesses to maximise their potential. It is structured to be light on process and strong on income generation. It will assist clients to better understand their value and provide them with a step-by-step guide to realising new forms of sustainable income.

i-genius Support aims to initially service six clients in the first period of 2015.

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