Now that’s an E-idea

April 30, 2012

Now that’s an E-idea

Now that's an E-idea

showcasing eco-entrepreneurship

Following the i-genius Asia Summit in Bangkok in March where E-Idea’s on eco-entrepreneurship were showcased, i-genius joined a delegation of E-Idea competition winners for dinner in London as part of their UK tour. The dinner, hosted at a Vietnamese restaurant in Covent Garden, was the final act of a hectic week long tour which gave the guests an opportunity to experience a series of environmental projects across London and in Brecon Valley, Wales. On tour was:

Mr Trinh Minh Duc, Vietnam, Excavatus – Earthworm Compost,

Ms Orapin Sinamonvech, Thailand, Creative Heater (Gasifier) for Strawboard Production Line,

Mr Seungjae Lee, Korea, Energizing Kerbside Bins,

Mr Tatusnori Kikuchi, Japan, Horses and Humans Together,

Ms Shana Fatina, Indonesia, Micro-finance System for Angkot CNG Conversions,

Ms Nerida Lennon, Australia, Sustainable Fashion,

Ms Ke Huang and Mr Yang Junwei, China, V-Roof,

Mr Satoshi Yanagisawa, Japan (based in London), Cyclus,

Mr Hiroyuki Inagawa and Mrs Satoko Inagawa, Japan, Winners of Low Carbon Cup in Japan: Energy generation project using geothermal, biomass fuel sources,

The visitors were accompanied by Mr Huw Oliphant, E-idea Regional Project Manager, Tokyo, and Ms Emma Wang, E-idea Project Manager, Shanghai on behalf of the British Council.

E-Idea provides environmentally-minded young social entrepreneurs with the incentive, sponsorship, training and support to develop climate change and sustainable projects that will engage the widest number of people and have the greatest possible positive effect on their communities. It helps these ‘eco-entrepreneurs’ to reach out to local, national and international decision makers on the issue of climate change. This competition is supported by LRQA and the British Council, and takes place in Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia and Viet-Nam.

See photos from the trip: Photos
See e-idea website: View


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