Sanivation – Sanitation as a Service

Transforming waste into a clean burning alternative to charcoal.

Sanivation is a social enterprise based in Kenya dedicated to improving the overall dignity, health, and environment of urbanizing communities in East Africa through delivering clean, safe, and efficient sanitation services.

Urbanizing communities
Deploying privatized utility branches

In urbanizing communities Sanivation install modern container-based toilets in people’s homes for free and charge a small monthly fee to service them. This provides a family with privacy and convenience while minimizing the abuse or injury that women and children can face when using a public toilet.

Then, instead of dumping the waste, Sanivation transform it into a clean burning alternative to charcoal removing infectious waste from communities, helping to reduce diarrheal disease. Sanivation’s fuel saves its clients’ money, reduces CO2 emissions, saves 88 trees per ton used and our toilet service prevents the contamination of local water sources

Sanivation’s dependable, user-focused, and vertically integrated sanitation services address the full sanitation value chain and allow families living in urbanizing communities throughout East Africa to live a modern and healthy life.

Refugee camps
Custom design, build and training services

Sanivation license its model to refugee camps to help meet the demand for rapidly and locally deployable sanitation services. Sanivation works with implementing partners to design, build, and train local staff and refugees on operating improved sanitation services that meet the demands of camp residents.

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