– Corporate Resources for Social Impact – Corporate Resources for Social Impact

headerImg (the corporate citizenship arm of NetSuite) mission is to commit to mobilizing its corporate resources for social impact through its signature software donation and volunteer programs in the supporting capacity-building efforts for nonprofits and social enterprises around the world.

Software Donation

NetSuite offers powerful technology for running all aspects of your nonprofit or social enterprise. donates NetSuite, TribeHR, and LightCMS to nonprofits and social enterprises around the world to transform their back office to further their social mission. To date, is serving over 550 nonprofits and social enterprises.

Corporate Citizenship

Being a good corporate citizen is no longer just about giving away money. It’s about putting the strengths and assets of a company to work in the world to make a difference. For, it comes down to two simple objectives: build the capacity of nonprofits and social enterprises through its pro bono volunteer program, and find ways for its employees to give back to their local community through community-service projects.

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