She Loves Tech in Pakistan

World’s largest Tech Competition Is Happening In Pakistan! – She Loves Tech Brought By CIRCLE. 

CIRCLE has brought She Loves Tech, the world’s largest female-oriented tech startup competition, taking place in over 20 countries, to Pakistan! It offers a powerful opportunity for entrepreneurs (especially female) to showcase their innovations and entrepreneurial capabilities on a large-scale international stage. It is a chance for these startups to get their name out in the competitive entrepreneurial world, build ties with other startups and investors in the ecosystem. This year, there were 5 local rounds in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Abbottabad. Followed by a Final Round in Karachi. The finalist will now be going to Beijing, China for boot camp, incubation and the Global Finals. It is a women led initiative showcasing Pakistan’s women businesses and innovators.

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CIRCLE is a social enterprise aiming for the economic empowerment and inclusion of women. Sadaffe Abid is the Founder and CEO of CIRCLE, a social entrepreneur who is committed to women’s advancement. Amongst its key initiatives CIRCLE empowers women through tech, leadership programs and mobilzing leaders to commit to gender diversity. Prior to this, Sadaffe was the COO and CEO of the acclaimed MFI Kashf Foundation which she helped grow from two rooms to serve 300,000 women clients.

Competitions like She Loves Tech play a big part in encouraging female entrepreneurs to take the plunge and shatter glass ceilings. Especially in Pakistan, where women face barriers in their careers. On behalf of CIRCLE, I’d like to know if you would be willing to give She Loves Tech a feature and/or shoutout tweet so that more women start ups, and start ups benefiting women, learn about this opportunity for a kickstart in their venture – all aimed for a more gender inclusive workforce!

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