Speakers’ corner

March 6, 2008

Speakers’ corner

Speakers’ corner

In the run up to the i-genius world summit in Thailand, we corner some of the fantastic people who will be presenting at the event, and put them on the spot…

Here we give you a taster of their answers…

Read the full interviews on the i-genius interview channel.

David Katz, Director, Corporate Responsibility and Board Communication, VIACOM

Editor: If you could do one thing to change the world, what would it be?
To help people realize how much power they have to impact the world for the better. It’s not just up to major corporate donors or large NGOs – small actions taken by many individuals can make a huge difference. As the MTV Switch campaign says, “This isn’t about what we can’t do, it’s about what we can.”

Editor: If you didn’t work in media, what would you love to do instead?
I would open a mango fruit stand on the beach!


Cliff Prior, CEO, UnLtd Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

Editor: What makes you tick?
Being with people making solutions out of problems. Sunshine in the morning. Finding a different take on the world.

Editor: If you had 5 adjectives to sum up what a social entrepreneur is, what would they be?
Passionate talented resourceful resilient brave

Editor: If you could completely solve any one problem in the world what would it be?
Cliff: Helplessness – whether through complacency, repression, disempowerment or cynicism. If all of us used the innate power we have to improve the world, many problems would vanish like mist in that morning sun


Matt Williams, CEO, Making Waves
Editor: Who is the best client you have ever worked with since setting up Making Waves?
Levi’s, they gave us a blank sheet and said ‘make music our medium’.

Editor: If you could give one piece of advice to someone who wanted to set up their own business, what would it be?
Work hard, it gets easier.

Editor: On the Making Waves website, there is a list of the top 8 random facts. What’s your favourite random fact that you can share with us?!
If all the Lego in the world was divided between all the people we would have 53 pieces each.

Mark Chaplin, Founder, Business Unusal (is currently travelling overland London-Phuket!)

Editor: Why not catch a plane?

Mark: In this day and age? I had to try it. and, if life is about the journey not the destination, then why not take the train?

Editor: Who is your greatest source of inspiration?
Somewhere between Gandhi and Charlie Chaplin

Editor: Summarise yourself in three words.
Mark: ha ha heeee


Sheetal Mehta, Founder, Innovative Social Ventures
Editor: Can you tell us a bit about Innovative Social Ventures?
Innovative Social Ventures was a business I created when I left Microsoft in 2005. The idea behind it was to advise emerging technology companies on how to access smart venture capital, create corporate relationships from a product and go to market perspective and enter new markets. The catch was the emerging companies had to have a socially conscious technology that could be implemented in the developing world.

Editor: You are involved in so many different initiatives. If people ask you ‘what do you do’ what is your answer (in-a-nutshell?!)
In a nut-shell I work on projects that relate to funding and technology with a view to give back and enable less privileged communities.

Editor: We are looking forward to hearing you speak at the i-genius world summit in Thailand! What are your expectations of the event?
I am very much looking forward to the event and I expect to hold discussions with several likeminded people from whom I can learn a great deal. I also expect that we will determine some actionable items after the event. I see this as a beginning and foundation building exercise – it’s what we do after that will make an impact for our social business world. I also hope to sit at the beach and drink at least one cocktail.



David McQueen, founder of Milestone Foundation, presenter of Channel 4 series ‘Vocation Vocation Vocation’
Editor: You always seem to be so full of energy and enthusiasm. There must be times you feel a bit flat and uninspired. If so, how do you pick yourself up again, and if not, what’s your secret?!
I am usually quite bubbly but I am also a very private person. I think my secret to my happiness (maybe I should write a book on it) is just being able to appreciate what I have. My health. My wife. My kids. My friends. Appreciating what I have keeps me very positive.

Editor: So not long to go until the i-genius world summit! What are you most looking forward to at the event?
I am looking forward to walking on the beach. Oh yes. Oh sorry I am looking forward to meeting and networking with some fantastic social entrepreneurs. I am so excited about this. Can you tell? At the event I will be facilitating a few sessions, hosting the gala dinner and running a Presentation Skills Workshop.


Barry Crisp, Founder, UK-Japan.Net
Editor: What inspired you to set up UK-Japan.Net?
I was inspired to set up UK-JAPAN.net because of both my Japanese and English friends. They each found meeting someone from the opposite culture hard to meet in everyday life, and they wanted to know more about the English culture and vice versa. Therefore, it became my desire to want to help connect Japanese and British people, while at the same time offering snippets of insights into both cultures respectively.

Editor: What have you found difficult to adjust to having moved from London?
Having to watch English Premier League football with a +9hr time difference, and watching it without my mates. I miss the parks in London also.

Editor: What three things that you can’t live without will you be putting in your suitcase?
Shaving utilities, Arsenal football shirt, and photos of my children.


To see interviews with Tommy and Jo and hear their lowdown on Thailand, check out http://a4daylock-inonaphuketisland.blogspot.com/


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