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The Real Junk Food Project is a global, organic network of ‘pay as you feel’ cafes diverting food destined for waste and using it to create delicious and healthy meals where customers pay for their meals in money, time or skills. The project recently opened the UK’s first food waste supermarket in Leeds known as the ‘warehouse’ where customers can shop for food thrown out by supermarkets and other businesses. The food is priced on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis and has already helped desperate families to feed their children. The future plan is to open a supermarket warehouse selling surplus produce in every city in the UK.

The Real Junk Food Project also runs the ‘Fuel for School’ initiative that delivers surplus bread, fruit, vegetables and dairy products from supermarkets to schools, where it is used to feed hungry schoolchildren. The food, which may otherwise have found its way to landfill, is used to feed 12,000 children a week.

Some statistics below:

Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted
– Sources: Global Food Losses and Food Waste – FAO, 2011
The environmental crisis: The environment’s role in averting future food crisis  – UNEP, 2009

Some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That’s about one in nine people on earth –Sources: State of Food Insecurity in the World, FAO, 2015

The Real Junk Food Project believe that this has to stop, and it needs to happen in our lifetime, to ensure the next generation do not suffer from our ignorance.

To learn more about ‘pay as you feel’ and what the Real Junk Food Project aims to do through its cafes, watch the video below.

The Real Junk Food Project website:

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