Urban Life – Stay On Top

August 9, 2010

Urban Life – Stay On Top

Urban Life - Stay On Top

knowledge + wisdom + holistic = change

Is it possible to find sustainable tranquility living in an urban landscape? Or should one migrate to the countryside and release ourselves from all materialism? For the aspiring social or environmental innovator it is imperative to be living an urban lifestyle networking your way to success for the benefit of creating a better and fairer world.

As Ramadan approaches, many muslims will be seeking their ‘taqwa’ (higher consciousness). The new moon will come into being on Tuesday night, but what of the non-muslims out there… what will you try for the next month in order to strike a balance so as to revitalise and sustain your creative innovation.

i-genius has some starting tips:

1. Appreciate the nature that surrounds you within your local area
2. Stretch every morning and night
3. Meditate
4. Eat healthy
5. Do not fall into standardisation
6. Social interaction with everybody and anybody
7. Open the window and take one minute breathing in the morning air
8. Let go! (let your energy out freely)
9. Do gentle exercises
10. Sleep early and wake with the sunrise
11. Smile and laugh as much as possible
12. Limit your usage of technology

And remember:
knowledge must be applied with wisdom through an holistic approach.


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