Workplace Health Rises Up Business Leaders Agenda


More than 50 CEOs and institutional investors are expected to join 150 health professionals and academics from over 20 countries at the 3rd Global Healthy Workplace Summit which will take place in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, 18th – 19th May. The gathering of business leaders and investors is a further illustration of the growing importance being given to the affect health and wellness has on business productivity.

The highlight of the Global Summit will be the presentations featuring the world’s leading programs by the six Award Finalists, which cover all sizes of employers, namely:

Multi-national: GlaxoSmithKline (UK), Chevron (USA).
Large Employers: Unilever (Brazil), Vanderbilt University (USA).
Small & Medium Sized: Lan Spar Bank (Denmark), Naya Jeevan (Pakistan).

The Summit will hear about the latest trends in workplace health and wellbeing from Gallup, OECD, and Buck Consultants. Participants will have an opportunity to peer into the future at how changes in workplace practices from technology to psychosocial conditions increasing stress will affect health and productivity over the longer term from a presentation from Stanford University. For CEOs interested in the value of their share price, perhaps most attention will be on the investment community’s perspective with presentations fromDeutsche Asset & Wealth Management, and analyst Ray Fabius of HealthNext. “Good investors are always looking to find ever more sophisticated ways to understand the underlying strength of a company. Health and wellbeing are powerful indicators in assessing the businesses ability to attract, retain and motivate top performing employees. In fact there is increasing evidence that a healthy workforce provides a competitive advantage.” says Ray Fabius.

Hosting this year’s Summit, which is organised by Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces, is FIESC SESI. The FIESC president, Glauco José Côrte said; “The lack of investment and continuous and systematic actions in promoting quality of life has been responsible for the burdensome and increasing costs of absenteeism and turnover, as well as compromising productivity. Therefore, the promotion of healthy workplaces and the wellbeing of workers from any industry is the basic condition for its growth and development”.

The Summit will be live streamed in over 200 countries from 18-19th May via the following link:


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